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Can your phone number and e mail address be circulated on a cast & crew list?
Are you currently (or have you previously been) a BLOC member
Starting in January, soloist rehearsals will be Mondays, chorus on Tuesdays, with some Sunday afternoons as of March.  Cast are expected to attend all rehearsals to which they have been called.  To help with rehearsal schedule planning, please declare now any known periods of absence when you would NOT be able to attend rehearsals:
You can only consider that you have been cast definitively when you receive an official e mail confirmation of this from the Auditioning Committee.
  • Pre-audition Rehearsal on Sunday 7th January from 14:00 onwards in De Kam
  • Soloists will be auditioned on Monday 8th January from 19:30 onwards at De Kam
  • Chorus will be auditioned on Tuesday 9th January from 19:30 onwards at De Kam
  • Callbacks and further auditions will be held on Sunday 14th January from 13:30 onwards at De Kam.
Female Roles
Please check which roles you are interested in:
Male Roles
Please check which roles you are interested in:
Different Roles
Should you audition for, but not be cast in, one of the major solo roles listed overleaf, and since there are a number of cameo roles (some with a few lines of dialogue and/or short solo/harmony singing) to be taken from the chorus, do you wish to be considered for one of these roles?
Chorus Only
Dancer (Dancers are Chorus too)
Soloist Only
Please select your voice type
If you are also interested in helping on the production team – please indicate in what capacity: