BLOC produces a news letter each month called "BLOC Notes" - (See Bloc Contacts for the editor). If you wish to receive BLOC Notes directly please contact the Membership Secretary (see Bloc Contacts for the membership secretary). BLOC Notes issues are in any case published on the website in this area.

Bloc Notes 2017

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Bloc Notes 2016

Jan/Feb 2016 issue
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Publishing Articles in BLOC Notes

When you receive BLOC Notes, make a note of the deadline for the next issue if you think you may have something to go in it. If you do have an article, or an item for What's On? , please send it to the editor (see Bloc Contacts) in good time for the next issue. Articles should be no longer than one side of A4, unless there are exceptional circumstances (and please do not type it in a smal font – I can tell at a glance!). Items should be of some relevance to readers of BLOC Notes, which usually means having some sort of musical connection. No commercial or professional ads please, except for the purposes of bringing less well-publicized events, especially outside Brussels or in the French- and Dutch-language press, to the attention of readers. If you cannot send items by e-mail, the Editor is quite prepared to retype them, providing she receives them well before the deadline. Please send your contributions as attachments, in Times New Roman, font 12 and reasonable spacing. All too often carriage returns have to be removed from text so please, make sure that the text is word wrapped !! Scanned documents cannot be copied. Please let the Editor have the information in some form that can be copied and pasted in order to avoid errors when retyping. Changes of address and urgent items for members and/or friends of BLOC (and this may be subject to approval of the Committee) should be sent to the Membership Secretary (see Bloc Contacts).