Bloc owns a large collection of costumes covering many eras and styles, along with numerous hats and accessories. What many of you may not realise, however, especially our newer members, is that both members and non-members may hire costumes for a small fee. For this fee the person hiring must ensure that the costumes are washed or dry cleaned, as appropriate, and returned in good condition.

As well as historical, Japanese and "character" costumes, we also have a great number of dresses from more recent times, including a selection of elegant black and white and coloured evening gowns from the 1920s, 30s and 40s not to mention several colourful 1980s Latin-American dance dresses. There is also a good selection of men's military uniforms, DJs and tailcoats, although many of these are only available in small sizes.

A word of warning however: while all the costumes may look wonderful on stage, many do not bear too much close scrutiny! The genuine theatrical costumes have been altered many times and this is visible close up. Luckily this does not apply to the more modern costumes.

If you would like to know more or to hire a costume, contact Tonia Jolly to discuss style and size availability. A visit to try on costumes can then be arranged. 


You can view and download our hiring policy here.