Brussels Light Opera Company

December letter from the Chair

BLOC's now taking a break for Christmas and New Year. On behalf of my fellow Committee members - Dennis Alex Tonia Meera Marie Emanuelle - we would like to take this opportunity to wish all BLOC members and their families the compliments of the season and to wish you all safe journeys wherever they may take you til we meet again in January.

We are now a couple of weeks past the last performace of Crazy For You and hopefully you've all had the chance to catch up on sleep. The dynamic dancing was a bit like the BBC's Strictly - to start with one wonders if the steps will be too difficult for the new dancers and by the finale one is marvelling at what great choreographers and a lot of hard work can do to make a dance routine stunning. I think cast and the audiences were blown away by Jean's routines on that clever set. Gershwin's music was a joy to listen to and I still find myself bursting into bits of those songs. So much effort by so many went into the production so a huge thank you to everybody involved in Crazy For You

Thank you to Dennis and Peter deS for organising the BLOC Xmas Party on 12th and to all those who brought delicious food for everybody to consume. The entertainment went down well - a mix of old favourites/a brief showcase for young talent - accompanied by George R at the keyboard and it was a fun evening for everybody to re-connect after CFY and the Urinetown Into Night before we all go our separate ways for the holidays. Sadly Koen and his Mum were not able to join us that night due to a recent family bereavement but perhaps we can give them a real BLOC thank you for all they do for us when we all meet again in the New Year.

So on to the next production. I have to admit my strong reservations about putting on Urinetown in the spring instead of the crowd-pulling Oklahoma! but I was overruled by the committee who feel it's a great idea - hence 'terrific show - terrible title' on the posters. Don't get me wrong, I love the show and its music but I know that although we BLOCers know it, marketing it to those who do not know it will be a challenge. It's true, though, that it's a show to accommodate BLOC membership as it is today -  a lovely range of ages and nationalities - with not just emphasis on singing but on the three disciplines of singing, dance and acting that modern musical theatre demands. There's plenty of scope for our young membership (who of course bring in their friends and families and boost audience numbers). So come and audition in January and be ready to spread the word about how great the show is and get those audiences bursting at the seams in our new De Warandepoort venue in Tervuren. Emanuelle & Steven DeM are bubbling with ideas for the show so I'm coming around to being quite excited at the whole prospect!!

Of course, Marie Rousseaux & Steven DeM are still on board for Oklahoma! which will be performed in the last week of November 2018 at Auderghem. I should like to see some ad hoc workshops on acting, makeup/hair, sewing, dancing in the pipeline for 2018 - even a bit of G&S thrown into the mix - and I shall be discussing this with my Committee in the new year. In fact, BLOC is THE group to belong to - lots to do, lots of friends to be made, and lots of hard work & fun ahead.

So, with that in mind, have a great break and see you all at the practice afternoon at De Kam on Sunday 7th January 2018 when Urinetown the Musical - Audition Process begins.


p.s. Some stunning sets have won BLOC a few Butties but where are the set builders of tomorrow? Well, the current builders love what they do but can't/won't do it for ever - they need to pass on their expertise. Do you think you might have what it takes to build a set but think that it's a closed team (which it isn't)? Talk to Marie or Philip or Liam next time you see them and sign up to the the Buttie Best Set Winner of the future.