Brussels Light Opera Company

The BLOC Christmas Party 2017

Twas the twelfth of December, when people from BLOC
Decided to party, De Kam was the spot,
The spotlights were hung by the stage front with care,
In hopes that someone who sang soon would be there.

The guests all arrived with great platters of food;
And hot mulled wine helped us to get in the mood,
We queued and we queued yet the food didn't stop
Soon all sat and chatted; ate, drank and what not.

When up on the stage music rang out so brightly,
Twas George on the piano playing so sprightly.
Away to the stage flew Diana the chair,
To introduce actors and singers so fair.

First up, Sam and Svea said it's cold outside,
The Lisa and Peter stood there side by side. 
Pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to, should words them untether?
What joy when they concluded they'd stay together.

Then what to our wondering eyes did appear,
Twas Bridget who tried to provoke the odd tear.
Her powerful vocals cried Don't Walk Alone,
Emotion'ly we felt that she set the tone

But who should then spring to the stage with a clatter?
Twas Richard with prose that he'd matched to the matter
To be dealt with soon in our show Urinetown.
So we heard of dunny-men, tanned and so brown.

Now dash away , dash away, dash away all!
Twas interval and time to shake off that thrawl!
But soon, in a twinkling, we heard once again
A charming soprano, Beatriz by name.

With Pierre by her side, they sang just like two cats,
Miaowing and hissing but none of it flat.
And then to the stage came Angela and Tony,
Singing Cole Porter with Crazy testimony.

And Thom had a list written out oh so long;
Directors and actors and others headstrong.
Not a list one desires to find oneself on,
We were then quite glad it was time for a song.

George took to the mike, with Zoe beside him,
They crooned to the blue tones of Elvis the rock king.
The next singer we know has just turned fifteen,
Constanza sang Les Mis, each note oh so clean.

Then joined on the the stage by Filippa and Bee,
They sang us an old Portuguese lullaby.
To round out this fabulous evening of fun,
Emanuelle sang us one last solo song.

Somewhere over the Rainbow you'll find -
A big group of BLOC cast and crew - wined and dined!
On stage there was singing and dancing for all,
When Peter the DJ did take to the hall.

One last final thank you to Dennis the star,
Who organised much and who then ran the bar!
And this poem's end seems to fit here just right:
“Happy Christmas to all, wasn't it a good night!”