Brussels Light Opera Company

The Pirates of Penzance

About the Show

"The Pirates of Penzance"
at the De Bosuil Cultural Centre, Overijse, in June 2021
and at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival, Harrogate, UK
in August 2021

COVID restrictions permitting, the Brussels Light Opera Company will present Gilbert & Sullivan's Comic Opera The Pirates of Penzance at the De Bosuil Cultural Centre, Overijse, from 3rd to 6th June, and at The Royal Hall, Harrogate (UK) on Thursday, 12th August as part of the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival.

Stage Directors will be Angela and Tony Lowe, Musical Director Maestro Lionel Bams, a team that worked brilliantly together presenting you  The Sorcerer in 2019.  Again, as for The Sorcerer, the Production of the show will be in the very capable hands of Barbara Bauer and Alex Just.

A Zoom presentation of the show will take place on Tuesday, 26th January at 20:00.  This will include an outline of the story of the opera, details of the principal and chorus rôles, and information on how the auditions* are going to take place.  If you are interested in taking part in this show, either on or off stage, don't miss the presentation, the invitation link for which can be obtained by sending an e-mail to:  Please note that, due to technical constraints, the number of places at the Zoom meeting will be limited.

The Pirates of Penzance is one of the most popular of the Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas.  It is a tale of tender-hearted pirates, feisty females, bumbling British policemen, true love ... and lots of silliness!  The music is full of catchy tunes, uplifting choruses and heart-warming melodies.  This is opera at its funniest... and the Stage Directors, Angela and Tony Lowe, will do their best to make it even funnier!!

In view of the current pandemic, music-learning rehearsals will start via Zoom meetings, so that when the time is right for physical rehearsals to take place safely at the De Kam Cultural Centre (172 Beekstraat, 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem), the company will be well prepared musically.   (See below for further information on safety measures that BLOC will be taking.)

*  If necessary, we shall organise an "Auditions Question and Answer Session" on Tuesday, 9th February via Zoom.  For any questions, please contact


Before we start putting together the cast and crew for "The Pirates of Penzance", we need to emphasise that the health and safety of all involved in this show is paramount.  We would therefore like to draw your attention to the following precautionary measures that we will be putting into place.

We will be asking cast and crew to give their word of honour, by means of a signed document, that they will have the COVID vaccination as soon as it becomes available to them.  Anyone who does not wish to have the COVID vaccination will, regrettably, not be able to be part of this show.

We will not be organising any indoor rehearsals for the full cast until it is safe to do so, but rehearsals with individual principals might be organised in large rehearsal rooms providing there is sufficient ventilation.  When we feel that it is safe for full-cast rehearsals to take place indoors, before the start of these rehearsals we will be running tests on all individuals who have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated (results in 15 minutes) to minimise any risk of transmission of the virus.

Setting up a show like this requires a minimum of four months' advance preparation, and at this point in time it is impossible to predict what the COVID situation will be in spring/summer 2021.  We are, of course, very much aware that we may have to adjust the performance dates to comply with the latest health and safety developments in Belgium.

It is possible that BLOC's policies will be even stricter than those proposed by governments, but if that is the case, then so be it.  As mentioned previously, your health and safety is our main concern, and we will be putting in place any measures that we feel are appropriate.

We are sure that you understand the importance of these safety measures, and will appreciate your cooperation during these difficult times.