Brussels Light Opera Company

The Sorcerer

Production Team
Stage Director - Angela and Tony Lowe
Music Director - Lionel Bams
Producer - Barbara Bauer, Jenny Fischer and Alex Just
Principal Roles
Sir Marmaduke Konstantin Wöbking
Alexis Paul Gosme
Dr. Daly Dennis Elslander
Notary Jeremy Thomas
John Wellington Wells Thomas Landsbert-Noon
Lady Sangazure Jane McBride
Aline Rosie Lewis
Mrs. Partlet Annika Norström
Constance Beatriz Ferraz
Hercules Arachine Horn

Come and join us in the English village of Ploverleigh, where the vicar's tea is going to cause quite a stir!
Has the Sorcerer added a dash of magic to the pot? Is there trouble brewing? Is it all a storm in a teacup, or something much more exciting ...?

About the Show

The Sorcerer - An Original Modern Comic Opera
by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

This family-friendly show will charm and delight you, and its magical melodies will leave you spellbound!

Live Orchestra!

Early Birds tickets until 24.3.2019!
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Thursday, 23.5.2019, 20:00
Friday, 24.5.2019, 20:00
Saturday, 25.5.2019, 14:30 & 20:00
Sunday, 26.5.2019, 14:30

at De Bosuil Cultural Centre in Overijse.

Florrie, the Florist  Pamela Corbisier Gary, the Gardener  Umberto Braun
Polly, the Policewoman Hanna Karska-Vandiest Paul, the Policeman Mark Arnett
Netty, the Sportswoman  Lara Timmermans Terry, the Sportsman  John Douglas
Hilda, the Hiker  Janet Gray Henry, the Hiker  Alan Gray
Edith, the Nurse  Sophie Mersch Dr Hoo, the Doctor  Henk Meijerink
Bunny, the Baker  Filipa Ferraz Roland, the Baker's assistant  Appo van der Wiel
Amy, the Chef's assistant  Alison Copner Jamie, the Chef  Marc Tonnon
Lucy, the Hippy  Hannah Copner Sky, the Hippy  Alexander von Campenhausen
Cynthia, the Town Councillor  Carol Piquemal Cyril, the Mayor  Marco Michelon
Dolly, the Dolly-bird  Marii Valjataga Hans, the Handsome hunk  Lluis Bronsoms
Joanna, the Journalist  Barbara Bauer Phil, the Photographer  Alex Just
Aline's friend, Dusty  Emily McCoy Alexis' friend, Jan  Thomas Arnett
Aline's friend, Sandie  Giulia Quarta Alexis' friend, Pablo  Joshua Rogers
Aline's friend, Cilla  Vilma Eskelinen Alexis' friend, Giorgio  Vratko Jaron-Kohari
Aline's friend, Lulu  Julia Just Alexis' friend, Bongo  Samuel Kenrick
Barry, the Butler  Barry Salter    
Head Housemaid - Miss Manage   Pretty Vacant Miss Lead  Amina Skhiri
Miss Spell  Denise Wicken Miss Place  Marta Braun
Miss Quote  Sara Paulamäki Miss Taken  Sherry Vosburgh
Miss Fire  Lily Scott Miss Issippi  Avril Anderson
Young housemaids      
Mandy  Sophie Caisse Molly  Maitreya Horn
Maddie  Nadia Douglas Minnie  Alice Ferreira