Brussels Light Opera Company

Urinetown Cast - the list is up!

After much consideration, the cast for Urinetown has been finalised. It was a very hard task for the audition panel, given the (large) amount of talent shown at auditions, and the (not so large) size of the stage. There is a huge complexity in putting together a cast of this size. Things like singing and acting ability are obvious, however the panel also need to weigh up a wide range of other factors, such as voice part, stage experience, physical appearance, and much more. For example: a cast made up of performers who were all exactly the same height would look quite odd; or a cast of 40 sopranos and 10 from all other voice parts would not do the show any justice.

For those very talented performers who were not offered a role, we sincerely hope that you will turn your talents and enthusiasm to other roles in the crew, and will bring your performing skills to future auditions.

Now that everyone who auditioned has heard from the audition panel, we can share our cast list with you all. See the "Cast" heading here on our Urinetown page.