Brussels Light Opera Company

Chess - The Musical

About the Show


A rock musical like no other! CHESS challenges you to remain impartial as you observe the ancient game of chess through the trials and tribulations of unexpected romances and political intrigue. When Frederick ‘Freddie’ Trumper, the current World Champion, arrives in the small town of Meran(o), South Tyrol, Italy, to face his challenger, Anatoly Sergievsky, it soon becomes clear there’s more than the title of World Champion at stake. Whilst the crowd witnesses the strain displayed by both players, Florence Vassy, a remarkable woman and companion to Freddie, provokes the rising of an unsettled past, pushing her to the centre of an emotional and political triangle. Make your move and buy your tickets for this critically acclaimed production which includes the international hit singles, ‘I Know Him So Well’, ‘One Night In Bangkok’, ‘Anthem’ and ‘Heaven Help my Heart’.





Stage Director – Rachael Bateman

Music Director – Steven De Mesmaeker

Choreography – Jean Emmett

Producers – Barbara Bauer, Alexander Just & Dennis Elslander




Freddie Trumper Leandro Fornasaro
Florence Vassy Stéphanie Mareschal
Anatoly Sergievsky Andrew Fisk
Molokov PJ Brady
Walter de Courcey Alan Gray
Svetlana Kay Binder
The Arbiter Pieter Goossens



Alexander Just Filipa Ferraz Maitreya Horn Gehrke
Alexander von Campenhausen Gemma Bellhouse Marc Leire
Alfonso Ribot Rodriguez Gibrán Sánchez Marc Tonnon
Alice Ferreira Hanna Anttilainen-Mochnacz Martin O’Brien
Alice Perry Idaira Wöbking Gonzalez Matthew Carver
Alison Burns Isabel Gonzalez Maxim Vovchenko
Amy Allsop Janet Gray Mel Ciriaco
Anne-Marie Demoucelle Javier Villar Burke Michael Berrisford
Annika Norström John Morales Naomi Norris
Ariane Rodrigues Jonathan Oakey Olivianne Jues
Astrid Baeten Jorge Barrasa Fano Orgesa Qipo
Ayham Kassab Josephine Draycott Oscar Thomas
Barbara Bauer Katie Shaw Sarah Leclère
Barry Salter Konstantin Wöbking Steven Wynants
Carol Piquemal Latifa Sadoc Taimi Alberti
Catherine Valentin Lluis Bronsoms Victoria Barbazanges
Dennis Elslander Lukas Mochnacz Wivica Stagell
Diana De Groote Luna De Mesmaeker Wolfram Fassnacht
Emma Quaedvlieg Lyuba Karpachova