Brussels Light Opera Company


Production Team
Stage Director - Marie Rousseaux
Music Director - Steven de Mesmaeker

The Brussels Light Opera Company production of Oklahoma will run for five performances, from 22 to 25 November 2018.

Auditions were held 10-18 June 2018.


OKLAHOMA! Characters:

Curly McLain


Young adult 

Cowboy who is in love with Laurey, charming and a bit full of himself.


Laurey Williams


Young adult 

Farm girl who likes Curly but doesn’t want to show him. She’s independent. She’s Aunt Eller’s niece.


Aunt Eller

Mezzo/alto - but acting more important


She’s respected, she’s a community leader and also a mother figure to Laurey, her niece.


Jud Fry


Older young adult 

Hired hand on Aunt Eller’s ranch,who’s in love with Laurey. He’s also quite mysterious, has a very shady past and could be dangerous.




Will Parker


Adult behaving like a teenager 

One of Curly’s friends. He’s in love with Ado Annie, he’s not the brighter spark in the box. 


Ado Annie Carnes


Adult behaving like a teenager

One of Laurey’s friends. She’s rather flirtatious, falls in love easily and would love to be married.


Ali Hakim



A travelling peddler. He’s a smooth talker, likes Ado Annie a lot but not enough to marry her unless he has to!


Andrew Carnes



Ado Annie’s father.  He can’t wait to have her married.


Gertie Cummings

Spoken role with a VERY annoying laugh


Another of Laurey’s friends. She has a crush on Curly but ends up marrying Ali Hakim.


This musical, set in Oklahoma territory in the early 1900s, tells the love stories between Curly and Laurey and between Ado Annie and Will.

Curly is a cowboy who has problems in showing his feelings for Laurey, as she does for him, because of pride and stubbornness. Thus Jud, her Aunt’s hired hand, thinks he’s got a chance with her and tries to come between them.

Ado Annie is torn between Will, a cowboy who has kind of promised to marry her and Ali Hakim, a peddler, who’s a ladies’ man and will only get married if forced to.

About the Musical
A brand new state,
Where cowboys and farmers should be friends,
Where territory folks should stick together,
Where a beautiful morning is the start of a new romance,
Where loneliness is scary and fatal,
Where a girl who can’t say “No” could get into trouble,
Where a peddler’s smooth talk might get him trapped …

The iconic Rodgers and Hammerstein score of Oklahoma! inspired a new generation of Broadway musicals, pushing the boundaries of the genre and when it opened on Broadway in 1943, it changed the way modern audiences would appreciate musicals for the next 50 years. The show ran for an impressive five years and was immortalized by a Hollywood film version. The state of Oklahoma even took the title song to be the official anthem of the state, solidifying the show’s cultural impact.



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