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Membership of the Society – Membership Rules.

I. Membership eligibility

1. Any person who wishes may apply to the Membership Secretary to become a FRIEND of BLOC. By providing their e-mail address they will receive the newsletter BLOCNotes and be able to attend BLOC events, e.g. BBQs, Quiz Nights etc.

2. Any person who has previously been involved in a BLOC show, either on-stage or off, and whose name figures in the programme of that show, is eligible to become a MEMBER of BLOC . In some instances, the names of people who have been involved in a meaningful way in a show may not figure in the show programme. These people can directly, or via the show's production team, submit their names to the Executive Committee, describing their contribution to the show in question. The Executive Committee will then decide whether these people are eligible to apply for BLOC membership.

3. It is a requirement that ALL on-stage performers in any BLOC show first become MEMBERS* of BLOC for the calendar year during which the show in which they intend to perform takes place. Applications for membership and payment, if applicable, of the annual membership fee must be made as soon as the person accepts a part, solo or chorus, in a BLOC production.

4. Subject to paragraphs 2.and 3, ORDINARY Membership is limited to persons of 16 years of age and over. Persons under the age of 16 may become JUNIOR Members and do not pay a membership fee. However, if their 16 th birthday occurs in the calendar year in which they apply for or renew their membership then they are considered to be Ordinary Members for that year and are required to pay the annual membership fee.

5. MEMBERS of BLOC enjoy the same benefits as FRIENDS and, in addition, ORDINARY Members have full voting rights at General Meetings (e.g. the AGM.

6. Honorary life membership may be granted by the Executive Committee, subject to approval at the AGM, to persons who are widely seen to have made major contributions to BLOC's success over the years. Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to the same privileges as Ordinary Members. A list of Honorary Life Members is available from the Executive Committee on request. Honorary Life Members are exempted from paying membership fees.

7. The Executive Committee retains the right to refuse membership to any applicant. It may also expel any Member considered to have contravened the statutes or rules of BLOC or considered to have brought BLOC into disrepute.

II. Applications for Membership and Annual Membership fee

1. Membership runs on a calendar year basis (1st January - 31st December).

2. The annual membership fee is set at €40 for performing members and €20 for non-performing members.

3. To become a MEMBER of BLOC, contact the membership secretary via the link above. For all on-stage performers, point I.4 above shall apply. Only paid-up members are elligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Membership must be complete at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before the date/time of the AGM at the latest, if the ordinary member wishes to vote at the AGM .

4. Those people whose membership lapses due to non-payment of fees and who wish to rejoin must reapply for membership following the procedure outlined above.

5. Payment of the annual membership fee does not exempt anybody from paying a show rehearsal fee, if applicable.

* Referred to in BLOC's statutes as «membres adhérents», translated as «active members».

For all membership queries please contact the Membership Secretary.