Brussels Light Opera Company

Rental of BLOC Assets

Rental of BLOC Assets

The Brussels Light Opera Company (BLOC) has a number of assets acquired over the years - a range of set parts, costumes, properties, keyboards, music stands and lights – which have been acquired over the years, involving both substantial investment, effort and maintenance.

In order to protect these assets and to contribute to their costs, BLOC charges both a rental fee and a deposit against damage for the use of the following either by individuals or by other theatre groups.

Item Rental Charge Deposit
Set parts & workbench By prior negotiation By prior negotiation
Properties & furniture By prior negotiation By prior negotiation

10 euro per costume for members

20 euro for non- members

50 euro deposit per costume reimbursable when costume is returned cleaned and in same condition.

Music stands (20) and

music stand lights (20)

25 euro (stands and lights) per day 100 euro against damage and bulb replacement

Please note that the BLOC pianos and synthesizers are not for hire.

For the use of sets and properties: BLOC incurs a monthly rental cost for storage. Individuals and societies requesting use of set parts, furniture or props are required to pay a contribution towards these storage costs, and a contribution towards the depreciation costs of BLOC’s investment.

In addition to the deposit, therefore, the borrower is required to sign an undertaking to reimburse full repair/replacement costs in the event of damage exceeding the amount of the deposit.

BLOC also reserves the right to charge transportation costs where these are incurred. Such transportation costs are intended to cover the fuel expenses of BLOC asset managers in visiting our storage locations or in delivering and collecting items. These fees are reimbursed to the BLOC asset managers. (The normal charge is 10 euro per round trip).

Prior to release of any BLOC asset the renter is required to pay the necessary deposit and to complete the appropriate rental form which must be returned for approval to the BLOC Treasurer Alex Just (