Brussels Light Opera Company

Privacy Policy

Please note: We do not use cookie technology to collect information about visitors to our website. 

BLOC is committed to protecting your personal data and will use any data we collect from you in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, in particular, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. We will treat any personal data we collect about you as confidential. Whenever we collect such data, we will ask you for your consent and let you know what it will be used or. We will not disclose it to anyone, unless you specifically allow us to do so.

BLOC in general collects personal data in order to:

- keep track of its membership and insuring its members
- plan, organise and run BLOC's activities: e.g. co-
ordinating rehearsals and other BLOC related events
- promote BLOC's activities: e.g. via newsletters, photography or video capture
- answer queries posed on the "Contact" section of this website

By filling in your email address under the "Contact" section, you acknowledge that your data can be used for this purpose.