Brussels Light Opera Company

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About BLOC

Scene from Young Frankenstein

The Brussels Light Opera Company is an amateur musical theatre company that performs principally in English and has over 200 members from over 20 nations.

Each year BLOC puts on two shows, one in May-June and one in November. The spring show plays with a small band or orchestra to a 300 to 400-seater theatre and the November show performs with a full orchestra in a 650-seater theatre, each putting on 5 performances.   

BLOC welcomes all newcomers.  To perform in a show, it is obligatory to audition however formal musical training is not obligatory even though an ability to read music does help during auditions and rehearsals. Non-singing members are very welcome to help backstage, front of house or with administration.

Auditions and Rehearsals

Scene from Iolanthe

The BLOC auditions serves to cast a show, making the best use of the individuals who audition.  Auditions check the quality and range of an individual’s voice, the ability to hold a specific voice part when singing in harmony and as appropriate, the ability to dance or to act a given role.

Auditions are open to all BLOC members, as well as to anyone interested in taking part in a show, on the condition that they join BLOC if successful in the auditions. For the Spring show, auditions take place in January and for the November show, in June immediately after the Spring show.

Rehearsals take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings, usually from 8 to 10 pm, adding in Sunday afternoons, usually from 2-6 pm as the show date approaches.


Scene from Chess

Any person who wishes may apply to become a member of BLOC.  All on-stage performers and all crew and anyone in the production team in any BLOC show must become Members of BLOC. On-stage performers pay an annual fee of 40 Euros (January to December); crew and production team pay an annual fee of 20 Euros.

Junior members (under age 16) do not pay a membership fee unless they turn 16 in the year in which the performance takes place.