Brussels Light Opera Company

Audition Rules and Policy

Purpose of Auditions: The auditions serve as the basis for casting a show and making the best use of the individuals who audition. Auditions check the quality and range of individuals' voices, their ability to hold a specific voice part when singing in harmony and as appropriate, their ability to dance or to act a given role. Solo and duet/trio auditions include those for specific characters of the show, where acting skills and physical appearance may be proportionally more important than for the chorus.

Eligibility, Time and Place of Auditions: Auditions are open to all BLOC members, and to others interested in taking part in the show, on the condition that they join BLOC if successful. Those wishing to audition are asked to complete and submit the relevant form from the website.

The Auditioning Committee reserves the right to call back individuals for a further audition without inferring that the role has been cast. Also, they reserve the right to audition those people who give notice in writing (by e-mail) of not being able to attend auditions on any of the above mentioned dates so that they may be heard with other auditionees after the introduction evening. Auditionees may only consider that a role has been definitively given to him/her when he/she receives official confirmation of this in writing from the Auditions Committee.

Scope of Auditions: Auditions will be held for all solo, speaking, chorus and dancing parts. The required audition pieces (song(s) and dialogue) and schedule are usually listed on the BLOC website. A practice session in singing the audition pieces and, where applicable, learning a simple dance routine is usually provided on a date between the Introduction Evening and the Audition dates.

Conduct of Auditions: Auditions will take place in front of the Auditioning Committee. Non-auditionees are only allowed in the room at the discretion of the Auditioning Committee. There may be voice warm-ups and possibly some movement to begin with. Those auditioning for principal parts will be asked to present prepared audition pieces including song and dialogue. Those auditioning for chorus will sing the prepared chorus piece in groups of 4 (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). During the auditions, an individual may be asked to sing a solo line or in a smaller group. A photo will be taken to attach to the individual’s audition form.

Auditioning Committee: All casting for the show will be undertaken by the Auditioning Committee composed of the Stage Director, Music Director, Producer(s), Choreographer (if relevant), a neutral member of the BLOC Committee and/or the Chairman of BLOC.

Specific information relating to the auditions of a particular show may be available in a separate document, linked from the webpage for that show.

N.B. Results of Auditions will be notified by email to the address provided on the audition form. No other form of communication should be taken as the official result of an audition, as determined by the Committee.