Brussels Light Opera Company

Information evening for BLOC's spring 2019 production: The Sorcerer

On Tuesday 11 December, BLOC held their Information Evening for our spring production 2019: Gilbert and Sullivan's (G&S) "The Sorcerer".  The show will be performed 5 times at De Bosuil, from 23 - 26 May 2019.  Our co-Directors (Angela and Tony Lowe) introduced the Production Team, which includes many of BLOC's experienced and dedicated members, and put on a slick presentation of information mixed with entertainment.  Our Music Director (Lionel Bams) taught us the Chorus audition piece with great enthusiasm.

  • The Sorcerer is the third of G&S's operettas. It was first performed in 1877, then revised in 1884. It is this revised version we will perform.
  • Very short synopsis: The young Alexis Pointdextre is betrothed to Aline. He is in love with the idea of being in love, and wants to share his conviction that love levels all ranks and social distinctions. He hires a Sorcerer to add a love-potion to the tea which is served to all the villagers at his engagement party.  This leads to a lot of comical mis-matches!  How will the Sorcerer resolve this dilemma?
    • Cast
      • There is a large amount of chorus performance in this show, and some beautiful soloist songs. 
      • The cast will include people of all ages - the age spread of a typical English village. We anticipate having approximately 45 people on stage including the 9 principals.
    • Audition procedures
      • Everything you need to know to enable you to audition, as well as information on the characters, is available in the Audition Information Pack. To receive the audition pack, please email
        • Please note that anyone wishing to audition must register in advance! The cut-off date is 3 days before the audition and late applications cannot be accepted.
      • All auditions will be open auditions. No-one outside the auditioning process will be allowed to observe. 
      • Chorus auditions will be in groups of four - in voice-parts soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
      • Everyone auditioning will be required to stay for the whole audition session. Even if you have presented before the auditioning panel, you need to stay in case you are required again.
      • All auditionees will be photographed. 
      • Note that we will not be using body mikes so, at the auditions, the directors will be looking for good projection and, as with all G&S, good diction.
    • Rehearsal structure
      • The first 6 weeks or so will be choral rehearsals - straight music. 
      • When blocking starts around the time of the first Sunday rehearsal on 3 March, knowledge of the music should be solid.
      • Monday evenings will be mostly for selected principals.
      • Tuesday evenings will be mostly for selected principals and chorus.
      • Sunday afternoons may require anyone from the cast.
    • Score/libretto
      • We will be using the original score, uncut. 
      • BLOC's vocal scores are available for loan (against a deposit).  Libretti will be available for soloists.
      • The material is also available online and can, should you so wish, be downloaded and printed, or used on your tablet.
    • Offstage team
      • If you are interested in getting involved in this production in any off-stage role, please get in touch!  As always, it is going to take a team of people to put on this show, and all enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

    Just to repeat the key information:

    Everything you need to know about the audition procedure and the casting is available in the audition pack. To receive the audition pack, please email blocsorcerer2019 et

    Please note that anyone wishing to audition must register in advance! The cut-off date is 3 days before the audition and late applications cannot be accepted.