Brussels Light Opera Company

The Mikado

About the Show

Nanki-Poo, the son of the Mikado, is head over heels in love with Yum-Yum, and he is willing to lose his head to marry her! But, whilst Katisha is trying to claim Nanki-Poo for herself, Yum-Yum is about to be married to Ko-Ko ...! The Mikado, meanwhile, is ordering that heads must roll in Titipu! Will anyone keep their head in this crazy, colourful, classic comic opera? 



Stage Director – Angela & Tony Lowe

Music Director – Lionel Bams

Producers – Denise Wicken, Alexander Just, Isabelle Deneyer

Stage Manager – Giselle Maksoud



The MikadoDeniz Celik
Nanki-PooPaul Gosme
Ko-KoThomas Landsbert-Noon
Pooh-BahAndrey Kaplan
Pish-TushThomas Arnett
Yum-YumRosie Lewis
Pitti-SingStacey Featherstone
Peep-BoDiane Sutherland
KatishaClaire Rumery




Alain RuelensIdaira Wöbking-Gonzalez  
Alexander JustJanet Gray  
Alexander von CampenhausenJay Weiner  
Alexandre PerardJean Frédéric  
Alison Jane BellJonathan Oakey  
Amy AllsopJosefina Enfedaque  
Annika NorströmKonstantin Wöbking  
Barbara BauerLatifa Sadoc  
Carol PiquemalLluis Bronsoms  
Caroline WilliamsLuna de Mesmaeker  
Cédric MeijerinkMaggy Triest  
Celia PerryMarc Leire  
Christine VedrinMarco Michelon  
Danielle TylkeMaria Pinto  
Denise WickenMarie Rousseaux  
Deniz CelikMark Arnett  
Diogo FerreiraPeter Dalton  
Elodie DeguelleSherry Vosburgh  
Federico Donati FogliazzaSophie Mersch  
Felicity RaikesSteven Wynants  
Filipa FerrazWivica Stagell  
Hadley MakensVictor Borecky  
Hélène GiorgiWolfram Fassnacht  
Henk Meijerink   

Join us in Titipu for this crazy, colourful, classic comic opera!

Venue: De Bosuil Cultural Centre, Witherendreef 1, 3090 Overijse