Brussels Light Opera Company

Kiss Me Kate

Production Team
Stage Director - Diana Morton-Hooper Deeks
Music Director - Vivienne McKay
Producer - Barbara Bauer and Alexander Just
Lilli Vanessi/Katherine the Shrew Angela Lowe
Fred Graham/Petruchio Tony Lowe
Lois Lane/Bianca Josephine Draycott
Bill Calhoun/Lucentio Andy Fisk
Ronnie ‘The Razor’ Ronaldi, a New York gangster Tim Myers
Fingers Finkelstein, a New York gangster Richard Wells
Harrison Howell, Lilli’s fiancé Oliver Wright
Hattie, Miss Vanessi’s dresser Jeanette Marino
Paul, Mr. Graham’s dresser Kenneth Isaac
Ralph, the Shrew Stage Manager Alexander Just
Hortensio, rejected suitor for Bianca’s hand Thomas Landsbert-Noon
Gremio, rejected suitor for Bianca’s hand Josh Rogers
Harry Trevor/Baptista, Katherine’s & Bianca’s father Alan Gray
Petruchio's Haberdasher Vratko Jaroň-Kohári
Pops, the Baltimore Theatre Doorman Marc Tonnon
Cab Driver Gibran Sanchez
Connie, a chorus girl Constanca Ferraz
Jules, a chorus girl Julia Just
About the Show

It’s Baltimore.  It’s 1950.  We’re in the middle of warm ups for the opening night of a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Taming of the Shrew directed by Fred Graham, the egotistical leading man playing Petruchio to his ex-wife, Lilli Vanessi’s portrayal of Katherine the Shrew.  Onstage and off it becomes clear that, as much as this couple profess to hate each other, they are also still in love. Alongside their bickering liaison, the show’s supporting actress, Lois Lane, is supporting her gambling boyfriend, Bill, as he attempts to evade the clutches of two local gangsters. Add mistaken identity, the mob, and comedic routines into the mix and you get Cole Porter’s smash hit Kiss Me Kate.

Alexander von Campenhausen
Alice Ferreira
Alison Copner
Appo van der Wiel
Arachine Horn Gehrke
Avril Anderson
Barbara Bauer
Carol Piquemal
Cédric Meijerink
Chloe Eeman
Christine Vedrin
Damien Laureys
Eiko Kobashi
Elisa Popper
Faye Jolly
Filipa Ferraz
Giulia Quarta
Hanna Karska
Henk Meijerink
Ilaria Ernst-Hites
Jasmine Daenen
Jessica Petter
Jessica Lovett
Josephine Wild
Konstantin Wöbking
Lara Timmermans
Lara van der Wiel
Lena Grosfilley
Lluis Bronsoms
Maitreya Horn Gehrke
Marie Rousseaux
Marta Braun
Mel Ciriaco
Melody Randall 
Michael Berrisford
Micol Candoni
Oriane Meijerink
Oscar Thomas
Roderik von Campenhausen
Samuel Kenrick
Sari Saarenpaa
Sherry Vosburgh
Sikelia Konstantakopoulou
Sophie Caisse
Stella Oldenburger
Susannah  Sheppard
Sybille Braun
Umberto Braun
Wivica Stagell